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Evil Bunny Consulting, LLC.

The Alternative to Expensive Outplacement

EBC, LLC specializes in helping those in job transition look for their next opportunity. We don't write resumes or host networking events, we just help those in transition move on with their job search.

Jobseeker 101 Workshops

Outplacement can be expensive. If the goal is to help your employees get to work looking for their next opportunity, our Jobsearch 101 Workshop costs less than formal outplacement and will get your right-sized employees on the right track to their next opportunity. This workshop was developed specifically for companies in the midst of a reduction in force who can't or won't pay the high cost of comprehensive outplacement service. The Jobseeker 101 Workshop will help your employees get off on the right jobsearch footing. In 90 minutes this workshop gives them the tools and information they need to start looking imediately for a job. This interactive workshop breaks down the job search process into manageable bites so attendees can be ready to immediately start their job search. Whether attendees are seasoned employees, middle managers, senior executives, or inexperienced jobseekers, many of the rules of jobsearch are the same. And the resume is not the most important tool! The topics covered include:

  • Resumes types
  • Effective interviewing
  • Using LinkedIn
  • How to use job search websites effectively
  • Maintaining privacy
  • Creating your elevator speech
  • Networking vs social butterflying
  • Why lifting your spirits is important and ways to do it
  • Why networking meetings are important

Benefits to your organization:

Employee Moral - Letting good people go is hard on the moral of any organization. By offering the Jobseeker 101Workshops, you help employees get on with their lives and send a positive message to the rest of your staff.

Less Paperwork - Because this is a one day program, there's nothing else to track, unlike a traditional outplacement program.

Less Expensive - The most likely reason you're shedding talent is due to costs. While outplacement services can be very good and very comprehensive, the Jobseeker 101Workshop is a one time, per attendee fee that might save you thousands of dollars and can turn people into more effective jobseekers a lot faster than traditional outplacement services.
Cost: Call for pricing.

Jobseeker Bootcamp

For individual jobseekers or groups up to 5, there's a condenced version of the Jobseeker 101 Workshop. In 60 minutes, the same topics listed above will be covered in a way that is more personalized and customized for your individual, specific jobsearch needs. The goal is the same, when the workshop is done, you will know what you need to do to start or continue your jobsearch.
Cost: $10/person
Money Back Guarantee - I make no claims that the Jobseeker Bootcamp will get you hired within a specified time. At the end of the hour, if you do not feel the information you have received is worth $10, it will be returned to you without question.

For more information, or to get a price quote for your organization, call 678-439-9767 complete our contact form.