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The Bunny Slippers Are Evil Job Seeker's Radio Call In Show podcast is for job seekers to listen or call in and talk about what they are going through. The show is part lecture, part instruction, part Q & A, part kick in the pants, part comedy routine. It's whatever those in transition need it to be.


The show tapes every Saturday at 10:00 AM EST, you can listen live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/BunnySlippersAreEvil or call in at (347) 202-0929.

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12/26/2015   Year In Reviewvideo
12/19/2015   10 Things Star Wars Can Teach Job Seekersvideo
12/12/2015   I Made It
12/5/2015   December 2015 Job Search Q&Avideo
11/28/2015   What I'm Thankful For - 2015video
11/21/2015   What High School Marching Band Taught Me About Coachingvideo
11/14/2015   Job Search - Speed Dating Formatvideo
11/7/2015   November 2015 Job Search Q&Avideo
10/24/2015   All Jobs Mattervideo
10/17/2015   P I Evideo
10/10/2015   October 2015 Job Search Q&Avideo
10/3/2015   Don't Ask for the Jobvideo
9/26/2015   Joellyn Sargent: The Solopreneur School Projectvideo
9/19/2013   The Unimportant Parts of Job Searchvideo
9/12/2015   Your Job Was Your Identityvideo
9/5/2015   September Job Search Q&Avideo
8/29/2015   Fearvideo
8/22/2015   Transitioning In Transition - Re Invention After Job Lossvideo
8/15/2015   B Positivevideo
8/9/2015   Letting Go of Pain & Paranoiavideo
8/1/2015   August Job Search Q&AVideo
7/25/2015   Howard Cattie - Resume Best Practices (Par Deux)video
7/18/2015   Negative Job Experiences - You can always bounce backvideo
7/11/2015   Why You Need a Job Search BFF
6/27/2015   For Long Time Unemployed - Recharging Your Job Searchvideo
6/20/2015   Reinventing You After a Layoff
6/13/2015   Resume Tips with Career Coach Howard Cattie video
6/6/2015   The Power of Positivity
5/30/2015   Setting Up Your Vacation Job Searchvideo
5/23/2015   The Resume: Deconstructedvideo
5/16/2015   Judi Adams: The importance of self-confidence & a positive attitude video
5/9/2015   Be A Job Search Leader video
5/2/2015   May Job Search Q&Avideo
4/25/2015   When Its Time To Consider Looking at a New Industry video
4/18/2015   Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Wayvideo
4/11/2015   More LinkedIn Tips & Tricks Video
4/4/2015   April Job Search Q&A | video version
3/28/2015   You're Interviewing Them Too | Video version
3/21/2015   Howard Cattie and the Senior Circuit |Video
3/14/2015   It's All About The Swagger |
3/7/2015   March Job Search Q&A| VIDEO
2/28/2015   Changing Your Perspective To Reinvent Yourself | VIDEO
2/21/2015   Career Coach Howard Cattie: 3rd Dimension in Behavioral Interviews | VIDEO
2/14/2015   Having Faith In The Midst of Your Storm
2/7/2015   February Job Search Q&A: The College Edition
1/31/2015   Dealing With Self Doubt
1/24/2015   Career Coach Kim Carbia
1/17/2015   Absolutely Abby Kohut (Rescheduled)
1/10/2015   Helping Fellow Job Seekers
1/3/2015   January Job Search Q&A
12/27/2014   Job Search In The Last Week of The Year
12/20/2014   Judy Adams of RightChanges - Negotiations
12/13/2014   Steve Beecham - Finding Your Passion and Purpose
12/6/2014   December Job Search Q&A
11/29/2014   How To Conduct A Location-Based Job Search
11/22/2014   What I'm Thankful For: 2014 Edition
11/15/2014   Greatness Is A Lot of Small Things Done Well...
11/8/2014   The Enemy Within
11/1/2014   November Job Search Q&A
10/25/2014   Sharpening Your Job Search Blade
10/18/2014   I Got 99 Problems But a Job Ain't One
10/11/2014   Find Your Need, Determine Your Purpose
10/4/2014   October Job Search Q&A
9/27/2014   Sell Me This Pen.....
9/20/2014   Dressing For Your Execution
9/13/2014   It wasn't about your performance....
9/6/2014   September Job Search Q&A
8/30/2014   What I Would Say In My TED Speech
8/23/2014   Wrong and Strong versus Right and Light
8/16/2014   Seniors and Re-invention of Careers
8/9/2014   Gender Issues In Job Transition
8/2/2014   August Job Search Q&A
7/26/2014   When Is The Best Time To Look For a Job?
7/19/2014   Make the Premortem Part of Your Job Search & Career
7/12/2014   Organizing Your Job Search
7/5/2014   July Job Search Q&A
6/28/2014   Is It Time To Start My Own Business?
6/21/2014   Navigating The Giant Suck
6/14/2014   Howard Cattie: Why Being Interviewed First Can Mean “Last” in a Job Interview
6/7/2014   June Job Search Q&A
5/31/2014   Judi Adams of RightChanges: 5 Deadly Sins of the Job Search
5/24/2014   Chi Chi Okezie, on The Networking Superhero
5/17/2014   Kathleen Brady, author of Get A Job!
5/10/2014   Jane Ratliff of Blue Hair Technology Group
5/3/2014   What About Your Friends - Class Reunion Special Edition
4/26/2014   Something To Shout About
4/19/2014   Actress Aasha Davis
4/12/2014   Julius Pryor III
4/5/2014   April Jobsearch Q&A
3/29/2014   86,400 Seconds, Use Them Wisely
3/22/2014   When Two Job Seekers Get Together
3/15/2014   Job Search & The Zombie Apocalypse
3/8/2014   March Job Search Q&A
3/1/2014   Using Jobseeker Networking Meetings Effectively
2/22/2014   The Jobseeker Vent Show
2/15/2014   Faith & Anxiety
2/8/2014   The Undercover Job Search
2/1/2014   February Job Search Q&A
1/25/2014   Creating a Personal Budget
1/18/2014   Investing While In Transition
1/11/2014   Understanding Money & Saving Strategies
1/4/2014   January Job Search Q&A: Relocating Your Job Search
12/28/2013   New Year's Resolutions for Jobseekers
12/21/2013   Julius Pryor: Thriving In a Disruptive World
12/14/2013   Holiday Job Search Strategies
12/7/2013   December Job Search Q&A
11/30/2013   What I'm Thankful for: 2013
11/23/2013   Staying Strong When Family Doesn't Believe In You
11/16/2013   What Jobseekers Can Learn From the movie TRANSFORMERS
11/9/2013   Hal Coleman: Networking Is My Specialty
11/2/2013   November Job Search Q&A
10/26/2013   Howard Cattie: How Has Long Term Career Planning Changed?
10/19/2013   Comprehensove Job Search Strategies
10/12/2013   Author or "Digitally Famous" Brandy Nagel
10/5/2013   October Job Search Q&A
9/28/13   Howard Cattie: All Interviews Are Not the Same
9/21/2013   Keith Warrick on LinkedIn :A Networking Strategy
9/14/2013   It Could Always Be Worse
9/7/2013   September Job Search Q&A
8/31/2013   Sharing the Wisdom
8/24/2103   Tips For Shy Jobseekers
8/17/2013   It's Your Network, Stupid
8/10/2013   Let's Get It Started
8/3/2013   August Job Search Q&A
7/27/2013   Jobseeker Predators & Social Media
7/20/2013   Taking a Break From Job Search
7/13/2013   July Job Search Q&A
7/6/2013   Author, Keynote Speaker Julius Pryor III
6/29/2013   Author Joellyn Sargent
6/22/2013   Actress Aasha Davis
6/15/2013   How Will You Be Great Today?
6/8/2103   Judi Adams: The Hidden Job Market
6/1/2013   June Jobseeker Q&A
5/25/2013   Chi Chi Okezie - Power Networking Tips for the Jobseeker
5/18/2103   "Reasons for change" questions with Howard Cattie
5/11/2013   Kathleen Brady, Author - 10 Steps to Career Success
5/4/2013   May Job Search Q&A
4/27/2013   Jobseeker Elevator Speech Speed Dating
4/20/2013   How To Be A Better Recruiter
4/13/2013   Make Your Resume Tell A Story.
4/6/2013   April Job Search Q&A
3/30/2103   Building a Great Search Profile
3/23/2013   Just Lost My Job, Help!
3/16/2013   Are You Easy To Help?
3/9/2013   Nicole Antoinette: Surviving a Job Layoff
3/2/2013   March Job Search Q&A
2/23/2013   The Greatness Within You
2/16/2013   Hallie Crawford:Leverage your network in your job search
2/9/2013   Hal Coleman on Networking
2/2/2013   February Job Search Q&A
1/26/2013   Your Resume is Not the Center of Your Job Search
1/19/2013   Interview with Steve Beecham : How to get interviews
1/12/2013   SPSUs Fast Track to Employment Program
1/5/2013   January Job Search Q&A
12/29/2012   Year End Wrap Up Show
12/22/2012   Mark Tidwell - Leave A Mark
12/15/2012   Kim Carbia- Avoid the Little Red Wagons in your Career
12/8/2012   Interview with Hiring Manager Michael Lemire of Acquia
12/1/2012   Too Lazy To Be Motivated
11/24/2012   What I'm thankful for
11/17/2012   Molly Wendell, Author of The New Job Search
11/10/2012   Author Hallie Crawford: Killing it in your Interviews
11/3/2012   Judi Adams: Coming To Grips With Being Laid Off
10/27/2012   Jimmy Parker of RubberMeetsTheRoad.com
10/20/2012   Julius Pryor: 6-Thriving in a Disruptive World
10/13/2012   Steve Beecham: Circling Your Wagons & the Blow By
10/6/2012   When The Writing Is On The Wall
9/29/2012   Be Greedy
9/15/2012   Chi Chi Okezie-Follow Up Techniques for Networking
9/8/2012   Humor in Transition
9/1/2012   Pride & Ego
8/25/2012   Jeff Sheehan- Using Twitter and Facebook in your job search.
8/18/2012   Your Job Search & Transition Questions Answered
8/11/2012   Emmy Winner Jeff Funk talks about his time in Job Transition
8/4/2012   Hallie Crawford-How to keep your spirits up in transition
7/28/2012   Joellyn Sargent - Polishing Your Personal Brand
7/21/2012   Jim Stroud-How to find a job now (& never have to look again)
7/14/2012   Hard Times & If we could do it over...
7/7/2012   Chi Chi Okezie on Networking & Branding
6/30/2012   Hal Coleman on Being a Networking Ninja
6/23/2012   Howard Cattie of CareerOyster.com on Behavioral Interviews
6/16/2012   Steve Beecham: How To Control Your Negative Self Talk
6/9/2012   The Business Card
6/2/2012   Hunker down, this might take a while
5/26/2012   Dan Jourdan: Personal Responsibility in your Job Search
5/19/2012   Friends and Family: How you can help
5/12/2012   Why I Do This Podcast
5/5/2012   Jimmy Parker: Reversing the Hiring Process
4/28/2012   Transition Affects Different People Differently
4/21/2012   Kudos To Those Companies Looking For The Unemployed
4/14/2012   10 Tips For Getting Through Transition
4/7/2012   Lowering your standards, widening your search
3/31/2012   Long Term Unemployed, 1,001 Nights In Transition
3/24/2012   Howard Cattie: Targeted Networking Part 2
3/17/2012   The New Reality of Saving For a Rainy Day: It's Raining
3/10/2012   Molly Wendell, Author of The New Job Search
3/3/2012   Hurray You!
2/25/2012   Steve Beecham: Let's Talk About Your BUZZ
2/18/2012   Is Your Job Search Active or Passive?
2/11/2012   Howard Cattie: Targetted Networking
2/4/2012   Dan Jourdan: Work Hard and Not Smart & You Will Get a Job
1/28/2012   Conducting a Stealth Job Search
1/21/2012   Hal Coleman on Networking
1/14/2012   Believe, when it's beyond reason to believe...
1/7/2012   Howard Cattie: The Hidden Job Market
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12/31/2011   Designing an Accountability Group
12/17/2011   10 Things Jobseekers Can Learn From Apple...
12/10/2011   Networking & Branding with Chi Chi Okezie
12/3/2011   This Is Your Job Search, Not Mine
11/26/2011   One Year Anniversary: What I'm Thankful For
11/19/2011   LinkedIn Optimization Tips With Keith Warrick
11/12/2011   Creating A Personal Budget
11/5/2011   Most Valuable Candidate, Least Common Denominator
10/29/2011   Occupy:Transition
10/22/2011   Interview with Jim Stroud, The Hidden Job Market
10/15/2011   Interview with Howard Cattie: When Passion meets reality!
10/8/2011   Interview with Hal Coleman - The Networking Ninja
10/1/2011   Interview with Career Coach Diane Dempster
9/24/2011   Steve Beecham: Helping others to find that great job!
9/17/2011   Tips to keep you going during transition
9/10/2011   My resume has fallen, and it can't get up!
9/3/2011   Judi Adams on the 4 Ps of Productive Networking
8/27/2011   The Landing
8/20/2011   LinkedIn, Privacy & Job Search
8/13/2011   Just keep going...
8/6/2011   Are you the cream or the crop?
7/30/2011   A Message to friends and family of those in transition
7/23/2011   Interview with The Deej: Dan Jourdan
7/16/2011   Interview with the inspirational Heidi Isom
7/9/2011   Just Answer The Dang Question!
7/2/2011   Time Versus Money
6/25/2011   A Message To Hiring Managers & Recruiters
6/18/2011   Jobseekers: The New Low Hanging Fruit
6/11/2011   What I'm worth and other myths....
6/4/2011   In Transition: Months 3 - 9
5/28/2011   Spreading H.O.P.E.
5/21/2011   Transition Lessons Learned
5/14/2011   The Good and Bad of Outplacement Service
5/7/2011   When Your Friends Land Jobs Without You
4/30/2011   Secrets For Getting Through Transition
4/23/2011   Rejection, Rejection, Rejection, Rejection
4/16/2011   The Things That Will Really Determine When You Get Your Next Job
4/9/2011   Couponing 101
4/2/2011   What Transition Means To Me and Surviving It
3/26/2011   Dealing With Interviewer Baggage
3/19/2011   The Problem With Jobseeker Networking Meetings
3/12/2011   Interview with Howard Cattie of CareerOyster.com
3/5/2011   Permission To Be Positive
2/26/2011   Things We Hate About Transition
2/19/2011   Ignore The Experts
2/12/2011   The Search Profile
2/5/2011   Investing for Job Seekers: Par Deux
1/29/2011   Financial Investing for Jobseekers
1/22/2011   Left Behind
1/15/2011   Job Search Makeup v. Job Search Exercise
1/8/2011   LinkedIn for Newbies
1/1/2011   New Year's Resolutions for Job Seeker