Bunny Slippers Are Evil!™

Tyrone has delivered presentations on faith, motivation, and dealing with career transition. His audiences have been various sizes in both faith-based and corporate settings. Having spent over a year in job transition, he understands the challenges (strategic, mental, spiritual and emotional) that jobseekers face. He identifies with his audience and brings this special understanding to every presentation and delivers messages that are timely, from the heart and designed to motivate.

His core message is Trust God. You have to believe that there is a power stronger than you that is at work on your behalf and that strong faith is vital to successfully dealing with transition.

What people are saying...

“...Tyrone's creative and witty presentation reminds job seekers to embrace change and all of its craziness. This is a fresh approach to looking at the job search process.”

"The Mental and Spiritual Journey of Job Search’ is a wonderful presentation given by Tyrone with a sense of humor and hope..... Most important, remember - Bunny Slippers are EVIL!!!

Tyrone affirms that we all share similar thoughts and concerns in our searches and he offers uplifting solutions to help us stay focused and positive. I strongly recommend that everyone take the opportunity to listen to this presentation...."

“Tyrone gives a masterful presentation ... Two thumbs up!!!!!"

Tyrone Griffin


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Video - The Mental & Spiritual Journey of Transition